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Block Callers On Cell Phones

Perfectjammer 2021/12/29

Yesterday, someone questioned the use of Block Callers On Cell Phones outside the college entrance examination room. It was reported today that someone secretly took pictures of test questions in the math examination room and uploaded them to the search app. The fairness and seriousness of the college entrance examination cannot tolerate the slightest sloppy, the advanced equipment in the college still needs to be installed, otherwise there will always be people who will take risks and undermine the fairness of the college entrance examination. Candidates cannot enter the examination room on the first day of the college entrance examination. The reason is that the zipper of the trousers is metal and cannot be checked with a metal detector, so people outside the venue hurriedly opened the zipper of the trouser pocket, and the examinee's mentality changed more or less. So some people questioned why it is obviously the zipper of the pants, why can't it be released? In fact, with the advancement of technological means, various cheating tools may appear, which is difficult to prevent. Only by strictly implementing the established detection methods can cheating be effectively prevented. Any luck or human judgment may slip through the net, but why is cell phone jammer sometimes unable to find a mobile phone?

But in fact, it's not. A leak of math test papers occurred in an examination room in Hubei. Student Wu XX took pictures of math test papers in the examination room and uploaded them to the search app. Currently, cheating has been confirmed, and students have admitted their behavior. The Ministry of Education also proposed to thoroughly investigate the matter. The local education bureau has organized video playback of the examination room, confirming that the candidate Wu Moumou brought his mobile phone into the examination room and took the test paper. Invigilators have problems with entrance safety inspections and negligence of their duties. Block Callers On Cell Phones has also lost its function and the qualifications for invigilating the college entrance examination have been discontinued. The dereliction of duty should be further investigated and dealt with by relevant departments. Candidates who violate the regulations have also been disqualified from the college entrance examination, and all college entrance examination results are invalidated, and further processing will be carried out according to the investigation results. This student is a middle school student in Huangpi District, Wuhan. On the first day of the college entrance examination, some netizens broke the news. During the math test, someone took pictures of the college entrance examination paper and uploaded it to the search app, and was discovered by the app staff and reported it.