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Cell Phone Signal Blocking Material Adds Frequency Band Advantage

Perfectjammer 2022-03-08

We have to experience a lot of exams, including senior high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, postgraduate, four or six exams, various qualification certificate exams, annual civil service exams. Examination room, the most common examination room auxiliary equipment is to prevent cheating Cell Phone Signal Blocking Material. The current mobile phone signal jammer has basically implemented modularization, that is, different frequency bands, using different modules, through the fast replacement of the module, can achieve the advantages of rapid repair or rapid increase in frequency bands. In the original Cell Phone Jammer, the module is added to the module of different frequency bands is still a problem of many manufacturers, because in the design, it is designed according to the standard band of mobile phones, lacks different use scenarios, and needs to increase the interference module of different frequency bands. Function.

In the real life of anti-stealing equipment, some people use professional equipment such as monitors or recorders to record or listen to far in order to achieve professional equipment such as a specific purpose. In order to prevent the disclosure of work information, you should use a Cell Phone Signal Blocking Material device called an anti-theft device to protect yourself. The common anti-clearance equipment in that city has anti-stealing multi-function induction electronic dog. The method of using an anti-relief device can be divided into no distance signal determination; there is a long distance signal judgment. It is important to note that users will reach repetitive and uncertain places and spaces. Since the background detection is not available, the user will use it as needed.