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How To Beat Cell Phone Jammer

Walsh Jayd 2021-10-10

After the mobile jammer is turned on, the student’s mobile phone will become a brick. Of course, students hate it, so you can’t put How To Beat Cell Phone Jammer in the dormitory. The power plug is unplugged or even damaged. Therefore, if you use a small mobile phone signal jammer solution, it is usually placed under the wall monitoring of the corridor outside the dormitory. Since the signal will be attenuated through the wall, try to choose the jammer with the metal shell external antenna, and the power should be as large as possible. One has to be placed at intervals of about ten meters, on every floor, cell phone jammer Let the signals of these mobile phone jammers form a network, which will be much better than using a mobile phone jammer alone. In the final installation, connect all the jammers with a power cord, connect a master switch, and control them together during use. That's it.

In fact, the school is more willing to installmobile phone signal jammers outside the dormitory building, which saves electricity, is easy to control, and has low radiation. It only needs to take the installation point on the adjacent building of ten or twenty meters, and fix the How To Beat Cell Phone Jammer Just go up. If there is no adjacent building that can be fixed, then set up a metal pole on the ground, or if there is a monitoring pole, fix it on the monitoring pole. After the main body of the mobile phone jammer is fixed, then set up the antenna. The antenna is facing the building that needs to be shielded, and then the angle can be adjusted and it can be used normally. Note that you must choose amobile phone signal jammer that is waterproof and rainproof!