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Perfectjammer 2021/10/5

Mobile phone signals are divided into single frequency and dual frequency, that is, GSM and DCS signals, which are called 900 megabytes and 1800 megabytes in the industry. GSM low-frequency signals are the second generation communication system, which is the abbreviation of Global System for Mobile Communications. The global mobile communication system, commonly known as Global Communication, is a long-wave signal. The DCS high-frequency signal is a distributed control system, centralized management, and a large amount of information. It is a short-wave signal. The two are different for New Life Ranch Cell Phone Jammer , and operators basically have both of them. Cover at the same time, cell phone jammer In different areas, a main signal and a negative signal are used to cover. Usually we choose the main signal to choose the corresponding mobile phone jammer to install. GSM low-frequency signals are long-wave signals that are relatively easy to cover, have strong penetrating power, and cover a large area.

DCS high-frequency signals are short-wave signals, which require higher equipment conditions and have a large amount of processing information. Therefore, high-frequency signals are relatively difficult to amplify. Generally, the power of New Life Ranch Cell Phone Jammer is lower than that of high frequency, and the higher the frequency, the greater the impedance, so compare It is difficult to amplify, but high-frequency signals have clear calls and high stability. Generally, when we install mobile phone jammers, we have no choice but to choose the mobile phone signal jammer with the main signal. It is possible that the wrong device is selected. The signal made is fake, and I can't dial out when the signal is full.