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Blocking Out Cell Phone Numbers

Perfectjammer 2021/12/24

In today’s information age, with the development of technology, inventions such as mobile phones that make life more convenient have been born. After entering the era of high-speed information, mobile phones also have more functions. Many people use it to watch movies and chat. , But some people plan to use the convenience of Blocking Out Cell Phone Numbers to cheat in the exam. This is a very bad behavior that cannot be promoted and is strictly prohibited in the exam. Therefore, today's exam rooms are in order to prevent and eliminate this phenomenon. Appeared, it is now a common method to install cell phone jammer in the examination room. This is a device that can effectively prevent cheating.

The mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room can shield the wireless signal transmitted by the signal tower. 4CDMA/DCSPHS/GSM3G/4G and other wireless signals can be shielded; it can meet various complex field environments, and can work for a long time under various complex environments to achieve uninterrupted shielding effect ; The shell is made of aluminum alloy, and the right side is equipped with a heat dissipation hole for good heat dissipation; transmits wireless signals, Blocking Out Cell Phone Numbers covers farther, and the shielding effect is better. The antenna can be detached after use; the switch adopts dust-proof and anti-leakage design to ensure normal working for a long time Operation; the use of a round plug and a screw port no longer have to worry about falling; the small hole on the right side achieves a simple, beautiful and generous design concept for ventilation and heat dissipation; not only the heat dissipation slot on the back, the powerful cooling fan solves the problem of poor heat dissipation.