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Handheld Cell Phone Blocker 16 Bands 5G Jammer

Free Pop Up Blocker For Cell Phone

Song Mason 2021-11-23

If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. In order to meet the needs of our customers and completely solve the problem of voice information leakage, the newly developed Free Pop Up Blocker For Cell Phone is upgraded on the basis of the original equipment, and the FPGA-based ultrasonic noise algorithm eliminates the high frequency noise of the old equipment. It has been added to the market within the past two years. The information of various brands of mobile phones and recording equipment has a very obvious effect on the new recording equipment and mobile phone recording. Mobile phone jammers are only effective for mobile phones and other digital products, and have no interference to humans. Because the human body does not receive ultrasonic waves, all the recordings of mobile phones are noise, but humans cannot hear them, so it does not affect normal conversation and communication, and even the mobile phone cannot be detected. The jammer works. The protection range of the mobile phone signal jammer is similar to a cone-shaped space, the interference range is about 15 square meters, and the interference distance to most mobile phones and other digital products is more than 2 meters, which can form a safe space. In this space, there is no need to worry about being When others record, the sound waves from the sound recorder can only be received by mobile phones, voice recorders and other digital products but cannot be heard by humans. Compared with other mobile phone jammers, there is no buzzing noise, and it is not easy to quietly guard the conversation environment. Be noticed. cell phone jammer

At present, the issue of voice leakage has always been a worldwide problem, and voice leakage incidents in various places have emerged one after another. Some voice information leakage incidents even involve the level of national security. Individuals and organizations have been suffering from not having a good voice information confidentiality product. Technically, this problem is solved very well. When you want to talk with old friends or talk at the dinner table and don’t want the content of the conversation to be leaked or made public, Free Pop Up Blocker For Cell Phone can help you get it done. Just turn on the switch button, it will emit a harmless ultrasound that exceeds the threshold of human hearing, and the sound of normal conversation will be submerged in random noise.