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Does Fb Messenger Cell Phone Buttons Block Call Cause Radiation To The Body?

Hamel Serge 2022/06/06

In order to shield the mobile phone signals in the test room, the communication base stations of 2G/3G/4G/5G operators around the test room are unlikely to work, otherwise all the communication equipment in the area will be paralyzed and unable to communicate normally. Since it is not possible to shield from the operator, the only way is to shield the mobile phone signal in the test room. Shielding the mobile phone signal can reasonably avoid the situation of fraudulent use of mobile phones, thereby avoiding all fraudulent personal behaviors. In general, the radius of the Fb Messenger Cell Phone Buttons Block Call efficacy range is within 25 meters, and ideally a machine can reach a total area of ​​100 square meters. The total transmission power of the mobile phone signal jammer is not suitable for more than 20W, otherwise it will cause a certain radiation source to the body. Long-term exposure to the radiation source can cause damage to the health of the body. Therefore, when purchasing a mobile phone signal jammer, not only must consider When it comes to the efficacy range, it is necessary to consider the power size of the machine and equipment.

Heavy Duty Fb Messenger Cell Phone Buttons Block Call provides up to 80W of power and covers up to 120 meters, you need it depending on the signal strength of the application. The cell phone jammer is designed for outdoor and indoor use as it comes with a waterproof cover. We can fix it indoors and even outdoors in prisons, detention centers and learning institutions. When cell phone jammer worked, cell phone users were limited, no text, no internet, no phone calls, no communication. This is a necessary way to prevent prisoners from contacting outsiders or candidates cheating with other communication tools, for academic testing centers and for issuing standardized tests. Also, it has a self-cooling design. We all know that all electronics have to get hot after long hours of work. If the product gets hot, the work efficiency will be affected and the range will be reduced. So, we add a cooling system radiator to keep the device cooler and provide more consistent performance and better range. Integrated circuit protection to prevent damage when the antenna is shorted or disconnected.