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Mobile phone jammers protect school learning ethos

Perfectjammer 2019-07-15

With the progress of science and technology, mankind has entered an age of explosion of science and technology and information. Mobile phone has become an indispensable communication tool between people. First, QQ, which is mainly based on chat, appeared, enabling people to get to know strangers thousands of kilometers away. Later, WeChat came out. It can be said that science and technology makes the upgrading of numerous electronic products more frequent, and the powerful functions make people more and more dependent on electronic products. Teachers also use APP software to assign homework for students, and various live broadcast platforms, game software, social software and so on on mobile phones. However, it has both advantages and disadvantages, and students' early contact with smart phones also has many disadvantages

How to prevent students mobile phone, this is the school and parents are particularly concerned about is that schools are all out for this, a school students are required to agree to hand in mobile phone in class, there are also schools require class Settings "mobile phone master" the class cadre, assist the teacher to manage the students use smart phones more is installed cell phone jammer on campus