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Scoshce Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021/08/24

The relevant person in charge of the Student Department of the Ministry of Education said that the harm of mobile phone jammers to the human body cannot be said to be harmful and harmless. The radiation is related to the distance, and the impact is small if it is far away, but the impact is great if it is close to the ear. Regarding some of the questions on Scoshce Cell Phone Jammer , the reporter also interviewed Mr. Song from a Beijing Digital Technology Co., Ltd. who has been developing and selling mobile phone jammers for 4 years. "The damage caused by mobile phone jammers is the same as that of mobile phones, and I don't have that big reaction when I touch this thing every day." Mr. Song, who produces and distributes mobile phone jammers, answered questions raised by reporters. cell phone jammer The power should be less than 2 watts. If there is such a big reaction, who would dare to use a mobile phone? "

According to relevant industry sources, the new BQX-6 radar shape 3G Scoshce Cell Phone Jammer can effectively shield 3G mobile phone signals in 3 frequency bands, and will not interfere with the mobile phones of "innocent" personnel; built-in antenna, no additional wiring, easy to use; A cell phone jammer can also be used in several classrooms in a relatively remote place. As a special position in society, civil servants should set an example in the construction of the credibility system. Ensuring the fairness and justice of examinations can play a powerful role in promoting the construction of civil servants and the establishment of a social credit system. The installation of a mobile phone jammer in the examination room has become a necessary anti-cheating weapon in the civil service examination. It is a beneficial weapon to maintain the seriousness of the examination room and ensure the fairness and authority of the civil service examination.