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Interference blocker when mobile communication operates on interfering frequency bands


Block unwanted calls

Can signal jammers interfere with mobile communication?

Signal jammers can interfere with mobile communication, especially when operating on the frequency band of interfering signals. By transmitting interference signals, mobile phones can be prevented from receiving and sending signals normally, thereby interfering with communication services. However, using signal jammer to interfere with mobile communication is illegal and may pose a threat to public safety and communication services.

communications operating jamming interceptors

If the option of blocking unwanted calls was previously only available to privileged individuals, today it is a very real and popular feature. For those who are tired of coercion, it is necessary to stop incoming calls

  1. Telephone hooligans;
  2. Advertising emails;
  3. Creditors or people you do not want to contact.
  4. There are multiple options for this type of blockage.

First option

The first occurrence in the access is to block specific numbers directly through your mobile operator. This can be an option in the SIM card menu on your device, to request using the USSD code, or to seek help directly from a mobile operator through a hotline or by visiting the office in person. This type of service may cost you some insignificant money, usually charged once or monthly, depending on the specific conditions of the mobile operator. This option is useful in two situations:

You have an old phone model that does not require the installation of third-party applications;

There are 1-2 such 'uncomfortable' numbers, and you don't want to look for any other options.

There is also a small tip, in case you do not have the ability to create a "blacklist" on your phone, or there is no such option in principle. You can turn off the voicemail function in the phone settings, select the number to be blocked, and find the "Transfer all calls to voicemail" item in the "Contact settings" option. Therefore, the caller will only hear a short beep sound, which will never be recognized as preventing attempts. This may be the simplest and most effective way to prevent.

Another way to handle annoying calls is to transfer the incoming call from an unwanted number to any non-existent number. A quite inconvenient method, as it requires detailed introduction of parameters, but it is very effective, especially if you do not want the caller to guess blockages. Due to the standard call interception function, the line becomes busy when the first dial tone is heard, as if it has dropped. When transferring to a known non working number, the caller may hear the standard "number temporarily out of service" or "user not answering or temporarily unavailable".

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