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Namani Albert 2021-11-11

In Marioara Mihai recent years, there have been more and more people buying cars on installments or buying second-hand mortgage cars. Once the owed cars are overdue, these cars may become "prey" in the eyes of some people. Recently, the Intermediate Court of Xuchang City, Henan Province concluded a case of illegally collecting a car in the second instance. Zhao and 10 young people born in the 90s were sentenced to six years and six months to one year and nine months in prison for the crime of provoking disturbances. , And was fined, confiscated tools of committing crimes, recovered illegal gains, etc. Since 2017, Zhao and other 10 people have often gathered together, used the Internet to solicit business, and violently collected some overdue vehicles across the country. They used tools such as trailers, Cell Phones On The Cell Block Live5News, GPS locators, and used methods such as stealing, controlling personal freedom, and forcibly robbing vehicle keys, and repeatedly carried out illegal and criminal activities such as seeking quarrels and provoking troubles. cell phone jammer

In June 2018, the public security agency transferred the case to the Changge City Procuratorate for review and prosecution. On August 28, the court filed a public prosecution with the Changge City Court. On November 7, Changge City Court opened a court session to hear the case. After the trial, it was concluded that the defendant and other 10 persons had repeatedly forced or occupied other people’s property to obtain illegal benefits. The circumstances were serious and caused bad social impact, and their actions had constituted the crime of quarreling and provoking trouble. Among them, the defendant Zhao gathered others to perform the above-mentioned behaviors many times, which seriously disrupted social order. The defendant and other 10 people caused a bad social impact, Cell Phones On The Cell Block Live5News seriously disrupted social order, and formed a relatively fixed criminal organization that specializes in "illegal collection of vehicles" for the purpose of committing crimes, belonging to a criminal group of evil forces. On December 28 of the same year, the Changge City Court made a first-instance judgment and determined that the defendant Zhao was the chief element of the criminal group, 6 defendants were the principal offenders, and 3 defendants were accomplices. In light of the facts of the case and the legal provisions, the crime was considered comprehensively. Attempts, consequences of damage, and the defendant's confession, confession, repentance, surrender and other circumstances shall be given different sentences. After the verdict of the first instance was pronounced, nine defendants such as Zhao and others appealed to the Xuchang Intermediate Court on the grounds that their actions did not constitute a crime and constituted an "evil force group" in misconfirming facts and that the seized vehicle should be returned in accordance with the law.