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Protect Personal Privacy from GPS Tracking

Perfectjammer 2017-09-20

GPS jammer for prevent trackingAs you can see, GPS positioning has brought a lot of convenience. But where you did not notice, GPS is quietly revealing your personal information. Ubiquitous GPS positioning, through mobile phones, personal electronic devices continue to locate your whereabouts. In addition to these, some of the smart phone applications will also open the positioning function, exposing your whereabouts. So, in order to maintain personal information security and protect personal privacy, a reliable GPS jammers are necessary. Such jamming devices will cut off GPS signals around you, making it impossible for others to get your exact location

Basically, most GPS tracking is tracked by the vehicle,so the choice of vehicle-specific GPS jammers is particularly important. In Japan, there are more than 3,000 incidents each year due to GPS tracking.

The GPS jammers can effective block satellite signal, GPS satellite positioning tracking, protect your location privacy and personal information. For the current characteristics of all GPS satellite positioning system, the use of this product in the radius of 2-15 meters within the effective reconnaissance of GPS satellite signals to form an effective protection area, so that your whereabouts are not worried about being tracked.

Vehicle GPS Jammers Applicable places

1.The vehicle has been installed GPS positioning
2.Need to prevent personal tracking of the place 

Product Features

1.Effectively jamming GPS satellite signals, protect your location privacy and personal information
2.Work does not affect the normal use of mobile phones or other electronic equipment
3.Small size, , light weight, large coverage, easy to carry

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