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Blocking Phone Number On Sprint Cell Phones Protecting The Prison System

Berge Nick 2022/05/03

Cell phone signals were blocked, the prison said. It is understood that when Zheng Xu was serving his sentence, he was suspected of using his mobile phone to surf the Internet. The investigation report presented by the prison showed that the police officers in Zheng Xu's cell and the prisoners said that they had not found any possession or use of mobile phones, and the prison Blocking Phone Number On Sprint Cell Phones , The prison authorities clean up the prison every week, and nothing involved has been found. It is understood that the security equipment in the prison has become a necessary equipment, but the quality of the products is uneven, which will cause great loopholes and hidden dangers to the information security and security of the prison. A small cell phone jammer can be related to the integrity of the entire prison system, and social security. The case of Zheng Xu this time, as well as the recent case of a felon who escaped from a prison in Yanshou, Harbin and caused the death of a prison guard, have all sounded the alarm for us! Prison security facilities must be listed as the top priority to ensure social security and the legitimate rights and interests of citizens! When choosing such security products, you must go to a regular manufacturer, and at the same time choose a senior manufacturer with successful industry experience, so as to be responsible to the society and the people!

The interference power of the mobile phone jammer is fixed, and the shielding radius of the unobstructed space is determined by the path attenuation and the signal level of the receiving base station. In order to realize the interference of the mobile phone signal jammer to the mobile network, it must be ensured that the signal field strength sent by Blocking Phone Number On Sprint Cell Phones is stronger than the field strength of the mobile signal in the interference area. The closer the interference location is to the base station, the stronger the field strength and the smaller the effective interference area. On the contrary, The farther the interference site is from the base station, the weaker the field strength and the larger the effective interference area. It can be seen that within a certain transmission power, the interference range depends on the field strength in the interference area. No matter how powerful the mobile phone jammer is, as long as the transmission power is a fixed value, as the distance increases, the interference signal strength will gradually attenuate, thus Lose the ability to interfere. The table below provides a comparison table of distance and path attenuation. Then, the theoretical coverage radius with reference value can be determined by the output channel power of the masker, the signal level of the base station, and the gain of the coverage line.