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Aluminum Tape Blocking Cell Phone Radiation Is A Product You Can Trust

Perfectjammer 2022/05/29

Since the advent of cell phone jammers, they have been trusted by exam venues, schools, prison cells and other businesses. In fact, Aluminum Tape Blocking Cell Phone Radiation is no longer a new thing overseas, and has gradually been sold in the Chinese sales market in recent years. Cell phone signal blockers only affect low cell phone signals, so it is not easy to affect mobile base stations and other electronic products. Nowadays, many teenagers hold mobile phones one by one, some are addicted to games, some are addicted to novels and so on. It is even more risky for college examinations. Baidu search has all the answers. If everyone uses their mobile phone to plagiarize in the exam, then it violates the purpose and practical significance of the exam!

In order to better prevent the staff in the cell from communicating with the outside in abnormal ways, some detention centers or large, medium and small cells will also use Aluminum Tape Blocking Cell Phone Radiation . Some audio and video venues also require cell phone signal jammers, as if the cinema does not allow the transmission of data signals on the mobile phone in order to better avoid theft and retake. The application of Cell Phone Jammer will continue to be reflected in some large and medium-sized festivals. For example, in Xi'an, my country, the large and medium-sized festivals have a relatively large flow of people. Everyone generally likes to take pictures and post on WeChat Moments. It is very easy to cause poor flow of people and then stampede incidents.