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Att Cordless Call Blocking Cell Phone Has A Great Impact On The Base Station

Perfectjammer 2022/05/30

With the approaching of the college entrance examination, many schools are busy. In order to ensure the normal use of the college entrance examination room, they are all starting to install Att Cordless Call Blocking Cell Phone , but when installing mobile phone signal jammers, some places should pay more attention, especially the shielding effect of the signal jammer On the one hand, if the ideal shielding effect cannot be achieved, the installation of a mobile phone signal jammer will not have much effect. What are the factors that affect the effect of the mobile phone signal jammer? The first thing to look at is whether there is a base station near the test room, and how far it is from the base station, because the distance of the base station has a great influence on the signal, and secondly, the ability of the mobile phone signal jammer to pass through the wall is relatively general, and the test room must be considered. What is the environment of the wall field, whether it is necessary to pass through the wall when installing the mobile phone signal jammer, and finally the power of the cell phone jammer. The higher the power of the cell phone jammer, the stronger the shielding effect and the greater the coverage. But at the same time its price is higher.

Signal jammers are not usually used by everyone. In areas where they are often used, there is a high possibility that there are only companies engaged in some scientific research, such as secret research and development departments in my country, and other areas related to national defense and security. Yes, the allocation of parts involving safety factors and commercial secrets will be arranged with Att Cordless Call Blocking Cell Phone , in Cell Phone Jammer as much as possible or as a well-known brand, although there are also different prices in this well-known brand. School exams are for better prevention. Students use mobile phones to transmit information, leak test papers, cheat in exams, etc., and some are also because the instructor avoids escorting the test papers midway, and leaking the information content of the test papers will have a bad impact on the middle and late exams.