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Aluminum Foil Block Cell Phone Radiation Block Communication Signals

Perfectjammer 2022/05/28

In this information age, technology is developing more and more, mobile phones are constantly being updated, and their functions are becoming more and more powerful. Many people have become highly dependent on mobile phones, playing with mobile phones when eating, playing with mobile phones when going to school, and even walking on the street. Looking down at the phone. Mobile phones have become a necessity of life, almost everyone has one, and they can carry them wherever they go. However, the double-edged sword of mobile phones has brought disadvantages while facilitating people's lives. People who are addicted to playing mobile phones are like drug addicts. A survey found that users with severe mobile phone dependence check their mobile phones thousands of times a day on average. Some students are inattentive when they go to school, and they focus on stealing their mobile phones, which has a lot of impact on their studies and eyesight. Some candidates use their mobile phones as cheating, which seriously violates the fairness of the exam. So, how can we solve the problems brought by these mobile phones? It's very simple, install Aluminum Foil Block Cell Phone Radiation ​wherever you need it, and block the mobile phone signal in specific occasions, cell phone jammer . Without the mobile phone signal and Internet signal, everyone can't use the mobile phone, which can achieve good expected results.

For normal standardized test rooms, we recommend using low-power machines. One test room is equipped with one Aluminum Foil Block Cell Phone Radiation which is enough to shield the entire test room. If the signal field strength is relatively strong or the area is relatively large, multiple mobile phone jammers can be used to achieve full coverage, which can save a lot of capital costs. Some people will ask, if a test center has many test rooms, how to centrally manage the mobile phone signal jammers? In fact, this problem is relatively easy to solve, because the signal jammers in the examination room generally require power to operate, as long as they are managed by integrated circuits. Or if the budget is sufficient, it is also possible to monitor and manage the mobile phone signal jammer through the network.