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Call Block On Samsung Cell Phone

Kirchhof Mario 2022/03/28

The mobile phone signal jammer effectively shields the mobile phone signals of various formats and types such as CDMA, GSM900, DCS1800, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, WCDMA, FDD-LTD, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc. on the market, including: CDMA (telecom): 870- 890MHz; GSM900 (Mobile/Unicom 2G): 930-960MHz; DCS1800 (Mobile/Unicom 2G): 1805-1840MHz; 4G-1 (Mobile/Unicom/Telecom): 1840-1920MHz; 3G-1 (Mobile TD-SCDMA) : 2010-2025MHz; 3G-2 (Unicom WCDMA): 2130-2145MHz; 3G-3 (Telecom CDMA2000): 2110-2125MHz; 4G-2 (Mobile/Unicom/Telecom, indoor signal amplification): 2300-2390MHz; WIFI/ Bluetooth: 2400-2483.5MHz; 4G-3 (China Mobile/Unicom/Telecom): 2555-2655MHz; Call Block On Samsung Cell Phone The shielding range is adjustable from 1-30 meters, but the wall interferes greatly with the shielding effect, so the split-level installation method is adopted. Install a cell phone jammer in every other dorm. Split-level installation is also implemented between floors.

A lawyer from a law firm in Zhejiang said that for the test installation Call Block On Samsung Cell Phone , from a legal point of view, there are currently no relevant legal provisions in China. Article 40 of the Chinese Constitution stipulates: "Citizens' freedom of communication and confidentiality of communications shall be protected by law. Except for the needs of national security or the need to investigate criminal offenses, public security organs and procuratorial organs shall inspect communications in accordance with the procedures prescribed by law. Or personal Citizens’ freedom of communication and privacy of communication must not be violated for any reason.” Lawyer Xu Ning said that if the cell phone jammer installed in the school is too distracting, so that the residents around the school cannot communicate normally, I think this violates citizens’ right to freedom of communication, and the infringed Citizens can ask the relevant departments to stop the infringement and eliminate the impact.