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Blocking Internet Access On Cell Phone

Russel Marc 2022/04/23

In order to better adapt to the needs of the new situation, improve the prison's high-tech prevention work ability, improve the prison's high-tech management ability, promote the data and information management of prison infrastructure, promote the trend of harmony, stability and harmony in prisons, and continue to improve the intelligence in prison work. It is necessary to carry out scientific research and reasonable adjustment and prevention of mobile phone signals in prisons, so as to avoid safety risks caused by the use of mobile phones in violation of regulations. Prison creation Blocking Internet Access On Cell Phone Shielding the system software is in line with the relevant requirements and directives of the Ministry of Justice of China, and at the same time has practical and urgent requirements. During the entire operation and maintenance process of the prison cell phone jammer shielding system, for the shielding of local areas of the Housing and Construction Bureau, it is necessary to consider the distance between residents (colleges) and other public facilities near the location of the engineering building. It is necessary to refer to the distance between the communication base stations of the nearby communication racks and the compressive strength of the signal, so as not to endanger all normal communication of the mobile phone signals in the nearby public facilities, the network plan is shielded.

It has been reported that mobile phone addiction is like drug addiction, and it is seriously used for the brain development of students. According to investigation, users who have long-term dependence on mobile phones watch for more than 8 hours a day on average. If this continues, students’ studies and health will definitely be overwhelmed. Then, in the face of these mobile phones The problems that arise, how can we solve them? In fact, it is very simple. Some schools have already installed Blocking Internet Access On Cell Phone equipment, which can effectively interfere with mobile phone signals. The mobile phone signal interference instrument can be installed in suitable occasions such as classrooms, examination rooms, offices, etc. The mobile phone signal interference instrument can effectively shield mobile phone signals, wifi signals, base station signals, and hotspot signals. Without cell phone signal, students can't access the Internet, which can achieve the desired effect.