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Python Creating Cell Phone Blocker To Prevent Cheating Tools

Perfectjammer 2022/04/24

Python Creating Cell Phone Blocker

Python Creating Cell Phone Blocker Cause signal transmission to fail. The examinee presses the index finger on the fingerprint recognition area, and the information related to the identity will appear on the display screen to avoid problems such as taking the test. This is a mobile phone positioning monitoring system invented by the students themselves. If the mobile phone is turned on during the exam, the positioning terminal system will accurately locate the candidate who is using the mobile phone, and upload the candidate's seat number and personal information to the podium host system within one second. The examination room uses a variety of cell phone jammer to check candidates to prevent cheating tools from appearing.

On the afternoon of June 6, many candidates, accompanied by their parents, stepped on the test site to familiarize themselves with the route and the specific location of the test site. The reporter saw at the test centers of Hainan Huaqiao Middle School and Haikou No. 1 Middle School that the distribution map of the examination rooms for literature, history, science, science and technology has been placed in a conspicuous position in the test center, and each test room has a sign. At the same time, each test center has set up a consultation area, and candidates can also consult if they have any questions. Some test centers also specially set up rest areas for candidates, so that candidates have a place to rest while waiting for the test. Due to the hot weather, some test centers also provide mineral water for students to drink on each floor. In each examination room, the reporter saw that Python Creating Cell Phone Blocker etc. had been placed.

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