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Cell Phone App Call Blocker Prevent Electronic Cheating

Perfectjammer 2022/04/24

Cell Phone Ap Call Blocker

Many schools have been busy recently. Since the college entrance examination is coming to an end this year, they are also working day and night to prepare the items and equipment needed by the examination room. This is also because it allows students to take the examination in a stable and disciplined condition. This is also the duty of the school. Therefore, recently we can see that a type of Cell Phone Ap Call Blocker equipment has been installed in the examination venue. This is the cell phone jammer that many schools have vigorously developed recently. It is a kind of equipment that can reasonably prevent the occurrence of cheating in the data signal of the sub-device, although it is this It is generally reasonable, but a little-known point is that in the case of actual delivery, its function is different depending on the location and condition of the assembly.

There are some venues where we should be able to destroy or restrict this kind of Internet artificially to prevent the harm caused by the mobile data network. Under such preconditions, the conference hall Cell Phone Ap Call Blocker will be born from time to time. The essence of the mobile phone signal jammer is that it performs magnetic induction interference on the WiFi network, which is indispensable for mobile phone communication, so that the mobile phone cannot access the network license, so it cannot accept the information content transmitted from the data network, and it cannot be used. The content of information is sent out according to the Internet, but it does not harm the data signal caused by the mobile phone. In order for the wireless signal jammer to reasonably interfere with the mobile data network, it must be ensured that the magnetic field strength of the data signal transmitted by the jammer should be much higher than the magnetic field strength of the mobile signal BCH in the area where the interference is performed. Therefore, the addresses of the same jammer application are different. The size of the reasonable area for interference is different. Generally, the closer it is to the communication base station, the stronger the magnetic field strength of the local BCH. The area where the jammer can interfere reasonably is small. Generally, the radius of interference is only 0.5~9m; The farther away the magnetic field strength of BCH is relatively weak, the larger the radius of the jammer to achieve reasonable interference, which can reach more than ten meters to several tens of meters. Therefore, the size of the local BCH magnetic field strength should be considered before applying the jammer, and then the position, total number and composition method of the jammer should be decided according to the size of the interference area.

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