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Raso Idalita 2021-12-31

With the ringing of a tight bell, the first exam of the college entrance examination in 2008—Chinese subjects officially opened, and 534,000 candidates in Hunan entered the intense exam at the same time. Today, 10.5 million candidates across the country rushed to take the exam. In this year's college entrance examination, Hunan has 534,000 candidates, 121 examination areas, 354 examination centers, and 18,000 examination rooms. The number of staff participating in the group examination will reach 55,000, the highest number in the past. Among them, Changsha City has 66,000 candidates for reference, a total of 40 test sites. All test centers in Hunan Province have all used electronic monitoring systems. In order to prevent cheating by using wireless communication tools, the monitoring, prevention and control of the electromagnetic environment of test sites in the test area have been particularly strengthened, and relevant Will Tin Foil Block Cell Phone equipment should be equipped in weak areas and test sites with conditions. Chenzhou City also used wireless reconnaissance vehicles to patrol 6 test sites in the urban area for the first time, cell phone jammer To prevent fraud in wireless communication tools.

The vice governor conveyed the spirit of the college entrance examination video conference to the responsible persons of the cities and states in the province during the telephone connection and on-site inspections. In the test center of Zhuzhou Affiliated Middle School of Beijing Normal University, Zhuzhou City, the electronic Will Tin Foil Block Cell Phone device was tested at the school invigilation center. On the spot, I dialed the mobile phone of the provincial education department director who accompanied the inspection on the mobile phone, but there was no signal. At the end of the college entrance examination in the afternoon, the Provincial Education Examination Institute revealed that the first day of the college entrance examination in our province was smooth, safe and orderly. There were no incidents of confidentiality or leakage, no major examination errors and disciplinary fraud incidents, and the province’s examination standards were good. In the conversation with the relevant person in charge of the Shaoyang City Government, Guo Guangliang repeatedly urged: Shaoyang has a relatively large number of candidates, and some rural test centers have outdated facilities, so you must not make any mistakes. In addition, it is necessary to strictly control noise interference, especially during the English test, to prevent all kinds of noise from affecting the listening test.