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High power mobile phone blocker blocks mobile phone signals within a certain radius


Super 5G Signal Jammer

High power mobile phone jammer

A cell phone jammer is a useful device that blocks almost all signals from a cell phone in all directions. Any businessman incorporates great value into this device, he/she uses this device to protect himself from unnecessary intimidation and even unhealthy in the mobile phone.

This gadget allows people to use it in many ways.

  • Mobile or portable jammers allow almost every businessman to maintain peace of mind while creating the latest offer in their mobile phone. Blocking your cell phone signal requires people to fix everything and provide freedom while talking. Another benefit of mobile gaming is that you can get away from annoying distractions by buzzing your phone while you're busy with important conversations. Before your phone starts buzzing at the center of pretty much everything you're creating, why not interfere with this wonderful contraption while you're at it?

  • High powered cell phone jammers also known as cell phone radio signal jammer, these types of devices are used to distract and jam almost all incoming signals from the associated network service provider, so only some specific devices are resistant to this, most of them Part of it is that you most likely won't encounter it anyway.

  • A high-power mobile phone jammer is an electronic device that can shield mobile phone signals within a certain radius. Cell Phone Blocker is happy to block the signal for you.

  • Now, with the 4 Antenna High Power Cell Phone Jammer, you can use some useful methods to block the signal. The high power phone jammer has four antennas, the first antenna blocks 3G signals, the second antenna blocks DCS PHS signals, the third antenna blocks GSM signals, and the last antenna blocks CDMA signals.

Mobile phones are ubiquitous because mobile phones have become a part of our life and everyone uses this device regularly, but it is very harmful to the environment. That's why we use jammers.


· 100% brand new and high quality mobile signal jammer.

· The frequency range it affects is 850-894 MHz (CDMA), 1805-1990 MHz (DCS PHS), 925-960 (GSM), 2110-2170 MHz (3G).

· Output power of high-power mobile phone jammer - 10 watts

· Shield 40 meters radius signal

· Charge via wall plug or car adapter

Dimensions (without antenna) L- 263 X W- 140 X D- 50 (mm) and antenna length 211 mm

· Due to low power consumption, it is harmless to the human body and environmentally friendly

· Suitable for the following occasions

· Shield GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/3G and other signals

A high-power mobile phone jammer is an electronic device that can shield mobile phone signals within a certain radius. It blocks high range signals. It is used very simply to block mobile signals. The high power cell phone jammer can block signals up to 40 meters.

Even so, your connection to a cell phone jammer doesn't really take the annoyance away, it also prevents any terrorist attacks. This is especially since the vast majority of terrorists are using GSM conformance to help communicate, and if jammers are used, they may not necessarily have the ability to interact. Today, portable gaming gadgets can do wonders once a consumer gets close to the gunpoint of a terrorist, and it can save a huge number of lives. If you have good instructions on how your portable jammer will actually be used, only buy one for your overall safety. These include devices with a limited range, as none of the phones will work. Judging from the specific arrangement of the playback unit, the mobile phone will be affected. Still, before using this machine, you must know how mobile jammers really perform? Well, it sticks to the communication with the help circle in the mobile phone system that can be seen in various fields. People who are diverted while using a mobile phone, your signal is diverted by the system to the help system. So what's at work behind all of this is the consistency of transport through the playback device, disrupting your performance on mobile.