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The interference module and interference antennas of different frequencies form a shielding device


If you have been exposed to or have some understanding of signal blockers, you will know that mobile phone signal blockers are composed of interference modules and interference antennas of different frequencies. Usually, both the jammer and antenna are labeled and labeled one by one.

Correspondingly, if there is an installation error and no corresponding match, what problem will occur? For example, the interference module of a mobile phone signal blocker is divided based on the signal frequency used by the phone, with frequencies ranging from 800M to 6G. The interference module of the jammer is divided based on the frequency of the output signal.

frequency jamming antennas jammers

Similarly, antennas are also based on signals. Frequency tuning. Only when the interference module of the corresponding frequency band is used in conjunction with the antenna, can the interference signal emitted by the jammer pass through the antenna of the corresponding frequency and achieve maximum interference effect.

If the interference module of the signal jammer does not correspond to the frequency of the antenna, first of all, the signal emitted by the interference module at this frequency will be very small, unable to play the true role of the interference module.

It will cause more stray signals, which will affect the normal operation of other electronic devices. Secondly, it may also cause the transmission power of the interference module of the mobile phone signal blocker to be unable to transmit normally from the antenna, causing the interference module to self excite and preventing the mobile phone interference module from transmitting normally. The signal shield is abnormally damaged.

In summary, the antennas of the interference module and the jammer must match in order to truly play the role of a mobile phone signal jammer.

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