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Cell classroom phone jammers interrupted trust between people

Perfectjammer 2021-01-30

Generally speaking, the shielding of radio signals will be approved only when such a major situation as the college entrance examination occurs. In addition, the signal shielding of our school does not exist from the perspective of "control range". According to the responses of many students, the signal shielding not only covers the Qinsu Building in the third year of high school, but also extends to Xinyi Building, Yifu Building, East Xiaoyuan, and the aisles near the Qinsu Building outside the school. Students from the International Department who study in the East Elementary School have reported that the quality of their self-study has been seriously affected. In addition, according to our tests, the signals of the three major operators were disturbed one after another outside the school near the aisle of Qinsu Building. Taking China Mobile as an example, its signal is about 20dBm lower than when it is not installed, and the signal-to-noise ratio SINR also drops from a normal 11-15 to 3-8. The signal value is so, the Internet function has been significantly affected. It can be seen that even if passers-by pass by outside the school, their mobile phone signals cannot escape the interference of mobile classroom phone signal jammers. We are still continuing to collect data. Next, in order to obtain more accurate data for analysis, we will conduct in-depth communication with the three major operators.

We have noticed that several students have communicated with relevant teachers and school leaders in the third grade, but so far, the communication has not achieved any results. At the same time, we learned that the High School Attached to Renmin University, Peking University Attached Middle School, Eleventh School, and Beijing Second Middle School did not adopt such illegal practices to regulate student behavior.

Therefore, although according to some people's opinion, the quality of high school students' learning is indeed "guaranteed." However, we absolutely cannot think that installing a mobile cell phone jammer is a desirable approach. Because no matter what method of guaranteeing the quality of high school third year learning, it cannot break through the bottom line of the law. Teachers can use other compliant and reasonable measures to ensure the quality of students' learning. The installation of mobile classroom phone jammers is not only a serious contradiction to the students' ideas, but also arouses the students' sense of rebellion, causing estrangement, rifts and even conflicts between students and the school, which will cause greater damage to the study and life of high school.

In the process of collecting and analyzing data, we learned a new message: In order to prevent students from turning off the mobile classroom phone jammer privately, the switch of some jammers may have been removed (we sincerely hope that this message is wrong). This completely eliminates the possibility of a certain compromise method—for example, turning on the mobile phone jammer during the exam and turning it off at other times—and pushes the above contradictions to an irreconcilable point. Many high school students said that they feel that the school no longer trusts them. The place where they have spent three years or more has become unfamiliar.

Many students who have not been interfered by the mobile phone signal jammer may feel that this matter is only about the students who are currently studying in our senior high school entrance examination class, and has nothing to do with them; but this is definitely not the case. Now the sophomore classmates will move into the Qinsu Building less than a year later, and the current high school classmates will move into the Qinsu Building less than two years later...In other words, if the signal shielding of the Qinsu Building is left unchecked, the same The situation will be repeated, affecting the study and life of almost every experimental student.