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In the Grand Theft Auto Online Diamond Heist DLC you should find and destroy 50 jammers


A new collection quest has been unlocked in GTA Online mode's Diamond Heist DLC. Therefore, you should find and destroy 50 jammers, which will not only bring you a total of $150,000 in GTA game coins, but also unlock a new crew member for your heist mission. We show you all the jamming locations in the video. Jammers are small black boxes usually mounted high up. You must destroy all 50 in order to unlock Avi Schwartzman as a support team member for your theft at Diamond Casino.

Location of all 50 jammers in GTA Online mode

Each shot down signal jammers gives you $2,000 in GTA game currency, so when you shoot down all 50, you get a total of $100,000. As a final bonus, you will receive an additional $50,000 in GTA game coins.

Before you begin your search for a jammer, you should carry a suitable aircraft with you, as jammers are usually installed at heights you cannot reach on foot.

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It would be better to use a missile fitted with a missile, and even better is the Oppressor MK II, which is particularly suited to this task due to its maneuverability and armament.

In fact, you can automatically target the jammer with a rocket and shoot it down, but conventional bombing is also enough to destroy small stealth boxes. You can also view the jammer location on the map below by easy route:

Destroying all 50 jammers will also reward you with a total of RP 50,000. Did you find them? Still can't find them?