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The way the signal scrambler works prevents two-way communication between the phone and the base station transceiver


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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - A signal scrambler or cell phone jammer is a device used to jam cellular frequencies to cut off cell phone communications in certain areas. The way the tool works prevents two-way communication between the phone and the BTS (Base Transceiver).

Jammers were originally developed for the military need to jam enemy communications during wartime. But now jammers can also be used to meet privacy needs, such as special needs such as meeting places, worship, exams, concerts or handling large crowds.

For example, what the commander of Lieutenant Colonel Deni Iskandar of Garut Military Region Command (Kodim) 0611 is going to do is deal with the evacuees in Garut, West Java. The jammer is said to be in operation so that there are not too many people congregating during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This jammer will later work to cancel the signal and eventually they will disband on their own and we will also cooperate with Telkom later," Deni said at the site of the regional secretariat of the Garut regency government, citing Antara on Monday.

How jammers work explains that jammers work by sending radio frequency signals to the nearest BTS tower. The signal is basically on the same frequency as a cell phone and strong enough to cover it.

The jamming signal and the cell phone signal would eventually collide, and the process would then cause a loss of communication between the cell phone and the BTS.

Jammers come in different variants and capabilities depending on the make and model. A common jammer device can block one of two cell phone frequencies, tricking the phone into thinking it doesn't have BTS service because it only receives one frequency.

Phone screens covered by interference may display "Out of Service".

However, newer technology versions of the signal jammer can block multiple frequencies and even be tuned to match the frequency of interest.

The Ministry of Communications and Information has banned jammers or items that may interfere with signals/frequency propagating in Indonesia. Jammers not in the national interest would be confiscated and assemblers and sellers would be prosecuted.

This is not according to the law. Decree No. 36 of 1999 on Telecommunications prohibits the circulation of goods in Indonesia that interfere with signals/frequency.

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