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Common problems with signal jammers

Perfectjammer 2019-07-20

Mobile phone signal shielding device is mainly used in the examination room, prisons, gas stations, avoid mobile bomb, oil depot and gas station, detention and interrogation room, conference room, the courts, the penal farm, theatres, churches, libraries, school dormitory, special peace and compromised places (confidential office, negotiation rooms, activity vehicle, move political and business leaders guards) field, etc. So in the daily application of mobile phone signal jammer ji big problem, you hit how many?

1. Can't prevent the intentional destruction of shielding device? For intentional damage, cut off the power supply and other impact on the normal operation of the phone shielding device, the management staff can not immediately determine and know.

2. Can't know the working status and fault of the shielding device? After all mobile phone signal blockers open, managers can not immediately know which point of the blocker can work properly.

3. Not energy saving and environmental protection, not conducive to the maintenance of equipment? It is not good for energy saving, environmental protection, maintenance of equipment, and shortening the service life of equipment (for example, no one is in the factory, canteen, warehouse and so on at night, there is no need to turn on the mobile phone shielding device in these positions 24 hours a day).

4. It's inconvenient to open and close them uniformly. After too many mobile phone signal shielding devices, it is difficult to open and close them uniformly. Even after the unified layout of the power cord, there must be a person to stop on time, close.

5. Is it inconvenient to group control or point to point control? No precise arbitrary grouping or point-to-point stop time switch control.