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The role of mobile phone jamming devices in Chinese prisons

Perfectjammer 2019-07-20

The radio management bureau of ji 'an city, China, received the interference complaint from the city telecom company, which reflected that the communication base station along the huangmudang road section of ji 'an north road had the downward signal interference, the network connection rate was low, and the telephone could not be dialed, which caused the user to complain and request the investigation.

To understand the situation, the city radio management bureau received a complaint immediately to the place of interference investigation. According to the signal spectrum characteristics, the interference signal is judged to be from the cell phone jammer. Through direction finding and locating, the interference source is locked in ji 'an prison area. After verification, the unit has set up a total of 8 mobile phone signal shielding devices, which are mainly installed in prison areas and factories. The distance between the shielding devices and the base station is 600 meters. The main purpose of the unit's signal-blocking device is to prevent police officers and prisoners from using mobile phones in prison. The equipment has been reported to the bureau for record use, this time the main reason is the shielding control center failure caused by excessive transmission power interference base station signal.