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Paint That Blocks Cell Phone Tower

Perfectjammer 2021/12/26

In daily life, car owners are accustomed to using the remote control to lock the door and leave without worry, but if you don’t confirm it carefully, the door may not actually be closed. Recently, after a public prosecution filed by the Jishui County Procuratorate in Jiangxi Province, Cao Moumou was sentenced to one year in prison by the court for stealing property in the car with a car lock jammer. Cao's life is stretched because of his obsession with gambling and often loses money. By chance, Cao found out that there was a Paint That Blocks Cell Phone Tower selling "car lock jammer" on the Internet. This kind of device can invalidate the electronic lock of the target vehicle within 10 meters with just one click. For theft purpose, Cao bought an Cell Phone Jammer online.

On October 24 this year, Cao came to a parking lot in Jishui County and hid in a corner. When the victim Zhu parked the car and locked the door with the remote control, he quickly pressed the Paint That Blocks Cell Phone Tower button. After Zhu left, Cao pulled the car door and found more than 500 yuan in cash and a golden Apple 6Plus mobile phone in the passenger seat bag. In the following month, Cao stolen laptops, cigarettes and other items in other people's cars twice with the same method, with a total value of more than 8,000 yuan.