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What is the shielding range of mobile phone jammers?

Perfectjammer 2019-07-15

The effective shielding range of the shielding device mainly depends on the following points:

1.the power of the machine itself. Now on the market, many machines are said to be 5W, the actual power is less than 1W. So, it has to be actual power. For small power machines within 1W, the shielding distance is about 1-10 meters, and the shielding range is 10-30 square meters. Remember, these cell phone jammer don't go through walls.

The density of the base station near you. Now many customers buy back the phone, 2G3G call can be shielded, but 4G can not be shielded, what is the reason? Because there's a base station near you. Generally speaking, there is a base station within 100 meters, you buy a small power of the machine, basically do not use, because the signal strength of the base station is too strong. The proposal buys in the power a point shield implement, the proportion is every 2W above. There was a client who had a mobile base station on the roof and insisted that the shield had no effect. No one can solve this. Unless you buy a very powerful machine.