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The jammers can prevent cheating

Perfectjammer 2017-08-7

Use jammers to prevent cheatingWith advances in technology, cheats too have gone high-tech, using cellphones, wireless earpieces and blue-tooth devices to get answers. Many even wear transmitters to examination centres.

In the examination room in India

“The jammers will block mobile signals, wi-fi and Bluetooth operation on electronic devices. Once the agency is finalised, the BPSC will approach the Centre for clearance to install jammers,” an official said.
The operation of jammers should be the responsibility of the concerned vendor to avoid any local tampering at the examination centre. The jammers effectively disable cellular phones. They transmit on the same radio frequencies as mobile phones, thus disrupting the communication between the phone and the mobile phone base station in the tower. It can prevents students from using the phone. Answers can be transmitted via bluetooth
Though mobile phones have been banned in exam halls, a final year MBBS student of a private college had managed to cheat in a recently held exam through Bluetooth device and a microphone. “We have installed cellphone jammers in four examination halls for preventing cheating during exams. Instructions have also been passed to the invigilators to keep strict vigil on movement of students and check suspects thoroughly.” the dean said.

In the Japan Kyoto University

Cell phone jammers have come under the spotlight in the wake of recent cheating incidents during entrance exams at four prominent universities, including Kyoto University.

Such GSM blocker transmit radio signals in the 800 MHz frequency band, which is used as the mainstream carrier frequency band for NTT DoCoMo’s and KDDI’s au phones. Products targeting other frequency bands are also available.
At present, the main corporate users of the jammers are the operators of hospitals, concert halls and cinemas, while some banks have also installed the device at their automated teller machines to help prevent “ore-ore” (it’s me, it’s me) frauds.
In the phone scam, culprits typically guide elderly people via cell phone to send money to the fraudsters’ temporary bank accounts, pretending to be close kin or acquaintances suddenly in a financial bind.
According to dealers of cell phone jammers, universities have now been added to the customer list.

Use of jammers in prison

Each prison is different in size, structure, size and height. The distribution direction, power and terrain of the mobile base stations around each prison are also different. The strength of the mobile phone signal sent from the base station is also different. How to install jammers in the prison according to the actual situation. Even in the same environment, base station signals are affected by factors such as air humidity, which may cause signal strength fluctuations. Between indoor and outdoor, ground, building structure, etc. may have a complex effect on interference.

According to the environment, use a cell phone signal jammer with adjustable blocking radius? Consider using directional antennas to control the main transmission area of the disturbed signal. Does the cell phone jammer in the prison use a low power jammer or a cell jammer? You have installed some WiFi jammers in the surveillance area. This is a method to check the equipment beyond the normal range and stable operation to achieve the interference effect. This is an important point.

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