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Hauser Joe 2021-08-22

There are many problems in the education market. Over the years, I have tried various methods to optimize and solve them. I have used a lot of Cell Phone Signal Jammer Car , but the results are not satisfactory. "I personally took a child. It was in the third grade. The previous semester had no grades at all because of poor grades. Why didn’t there be any grades? The teacher didn’t judge the papers and didn’t have time. Don’t be shocked. There are 90 children in a class in their school. A teacher takes three classes and the salary is extremely low, so it’s normal for students with poor grades to not score." The consequences of infertility are not just to push the so-called “poor students” to the edge of learning-weariness. The longer-term impact is actually This further leads to class consolidation: most of the children have no background, and after the road to education is blocked, it is conceivable how the future society will become involuntary. In places like county towns, many parents give up their children's education. This is something that parents desperately grabbing resources in a city like Hangzhou cannot understand. cell phone jammer Even if we use it, it is of no use to our children’s performance improvement, so we need to fundamentally solve the children’s problems

Nowadays, public opinion often makes remarks such as canceling examinations and canceling teaching assistants. Those who support these remarks must not understand the current situation of education in counties, villages and towns. Once it is really cancelled, the result must be further class consolidation. "What kind of people are those who have the ability to send children to good schools? Either they can afford school district housing, or they are official households. Therefore, what we can really do is to ensure the fairness of the exam. Use Cell Phone Signal Jammer Car to ensure that the exam is fair. Fair and just, most ordinary people in counties, villages and towns, if there is no supplementary teaching resources, the most reliable and lowest-cost way to change their destiny, they will be gone. Where is your child born, he will be here all his life "I rarely speak outside, so I want to do things down-to-earth. But recently there seems to be a lot of similar public opinions. I have to tell what I have seen. Parents must not give up your children. This is I want to say a word to the outside world."