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Sprint Cell Phone Number Block

Jaquet simon 2021-11-22

Obviously, the content of the conversation in the conference room is known to the competitors; yes, you are very likely to be "specially treated", and the person who is directed at you knows you as much as you. This is a terrible thing. Without a sense of security, legitimate rights and interests are violated, normal life is disturbed, and correct speech is taken out of context and even distorted. You need a guarantee that you can talk easily, a space where you can talk at will, and you don’t need to worry about your conversation being recorded. You only need to prepare a Sprint Cell Phone Number Block that looks like a speaker. With the development of the information society, audio and video information is showing explosive growth and viral transmission. There is a risk that personal privacy, business secrets and other information will be leaked through conversations, especially how valuable conversation information can be protected. Content is not stolen by others? . cell phone jammer

The Watergate incident, the recording gate incident in the Chinese stock market, and the Bi grandpa incident all reflected the demand for anti-recording products in the current environment. At present, there are many types of anti-recording and eavesdropping products at home and abroad, most of which are interference through white noise. Although there is a certain interference effect, it is also a kind of noise pollution for all parties in the conversation, and even affects the body of the interviewer. healthy. We have focused on information security for 15 years. The newly developed L7B typeSprint Cell Phone Number Block has been upgraded on the basis of the original equipment. The FPGA-based ultrasonic noise algorithm eliminates the high-frequency noise of the old equipment. It has added various brands of mobile phones and recordings that have been on the market in the past two years. The equipment information has a very obvious effect on new recording equipment and mobile phone recording. It is suitable for confidential meeting rooms, public security bureau petition centers, prosecutors' reception halls, courts, negotiation rooms, offices and other places for private conversations.