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Block Number Cell Phone Telus Ignores Laws And Regulations

Perfectjammer 2022/01/11

The key question is, after the public security arrests people, what will they do with them? An operator from an operator who did not want to be named said that since there is no current law or regulation that can convict "pseudo base stations", they will be detained for up to 15 days. Just let people go. "We also reported to the Radio Authority that the other party can only confiscate Block Number Cell Phone Telus equipment, and nothing else can be done. This is a headache for the operators, because it will encourage the other party's arrogance and make them feel that the cost of crime is low. Confiscate equipment? Do it again. I earned it back in a few days." The above-mentioned person privately complained to reporters. Even if the Cell Phone Jammer pseudo base station users do not constitute infringement, why not report the manufacturer directly? "The operator does not have the ability to trace the source. We can only cooperate with the police to investigate, and we do not know the sales and manufacturing channels of the fake base station." Liu Yuanming said that even if the user is caught, the other party can only explain the transaction location. Not fully understood. Under the checks and balances of many factors, operators are in a dilemma for the menacing pseudo base stations.

When a reporter asked why they didn't push some safety reminders to users, the above-mentioned person admitted that this was "self-inflicted trouble". “ Block Number Cell Phone Telus The pseudo base station does not use the operator’s network, and we don’t know which users are involved. Once it is sent out, some users who have not encountered the pseudo base station will think that we are harassing him, and in turn complain that the operator is sending spam text messages. This year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology In vigorously rectifying spam text messages, every operator backs the indicators, isn’t this behavior equal to 'self-hack'?" At present, some third-party security software has enabled the filtering function for fake base station text messages, but operators are still cautious. "The root cause of the problem is still in the competent authorities to come up with corresponding legislative measures.