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Dr Smirnoff Cell Phone Blocking Wawe

Kyriazis Antonios 2022/04/12

Is it legal to sell and use Dr Smirnoff Cell Phone Blocking Wawe at will? Huang Hengyou said that the working principle of a mobile phone signal jammer is to emit signals to interfere with other signals, so it is essentially a radio transmitter. Unauthorized use of cell phone signal jammers violates the "Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Wireless Management". If it is stipulated that serious consequences are caused, it shall be transferred to the relevant departments for criminal responsibility. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Radio Management Committee, the only legal supervision basis they can find is the "Regulations on Radio Management of the People's Republic of China" promulgated by the state in 1997, and the maximum fine is only 5,000 yuan. However, the cell phone signal jammers with a slightly wider coverage found in the unannounced visits of reporters are all priced at around 1,900 yuan, with a maximum of tens of thousands of yuan.

It is understood that since the sales market is mainly regulated by the industry and commerce department, when the mobile phone signal jammer enters the sales market, the Radio Regulatory Commission is more likely to cooperate with the industry and commerce bureau. According to reports, the Municipal Radio Management Committee also investigated and dealt with radio interference equipment similar to cell phone jammer . Due to limited enforcement tools and penalties, many sellers have returned to their old stores after inspectors have left. Will the cell phone signal jammer affect the normal use of other electronic products? not easy. This is because the electromagnetic data signals emitted by Dr Smirnoff Cell Phone Blocking Wawe completely fall within the operating frequency range of mobile phones stipulated by the state, and can only shield mobile phone communications. Are cell phone jammers harmful to the body and cell phone? Please rest assured that the electromagnetic induction reception sensitivity of mobile phone jammers is relatively weak. Test data show that this receiving sensitivity is far from harmful to the human body. Simultaneously,