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My Cell Phone Is Blocked In Souse

Medina Noelia 2022/04/07

Products such as cell phone jammers are increasingly on display at US film establishments, and signal-blocking devices are making their way into college classrooms. Students at this school have mixed guesses about the use of this My Cell Phone Is Blocked In Souse . We believe that these cell phone jammer allow students to focus more on their studies, and cell phone signal interference is great. For students, it solved the underlying problem and now it can function as an exam supervisor. On a terminal computer of the Yantai Radio Management Office, the reporter saw that as long as the system is turned on, various signals in the monitoring frequency band can be seen. The staff said that every year from the week before the college entrance examination, the radio environment around the test center will be investigated, and the sample library under normal circumstances will be obtained.

With the sample library, once an abnormal signal occurs during the test, the computer can directly display it, which is convenient for inspectors to take quick action. On the newly equipped mobile monitoring vehicle, the reporter saw that compared with ordinary commercial vehicles, there is an additional dome antenna on the top of the body. This is the "eye of the sky" for radio monitoring, My Cell Phone Is Blocked In Souse can capture all kinds of signals. In the carriage, there is a similar set of office equipment, computer equipment and sophisticated radio equipment are placed on a fixed table. The whole set of equipment comes from the German RS company, a world-class radio monitoring company, with excellent technology. During the college entrance examination, three such mobile monitoring vehicles will always run around the examination room.