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Block Callwaiting On Cell Phone

Klinger Axel 2022/04/06

This year's college entrance examination will verify the identity of candidates. To avoid taking the exam, candidates are required to bring their admit card and ID card when entering the exam room. The admit card and the stub have a photo of the candidate for the examiner to check. If the information is still vague, the fingerprint will be used for instrument confirmation. It is reported that when registering for the college entrance examination, by reading the information of the second-generation ID card and collecting the fingerprint information of the candidates, the qualifications for registration are strictly controlled. During the examination, the identities of key groups and suspicious persons will be verified through fingerprint information to prevent the occurrence of substitute examinations. After the exam, all the videos in the exam room will be handed over to the provincial examination institute, and the intelligent analysis software will analyze, judge and screen all the video data. Block Callwaiting On Cell Phone By viewing the video of the examination room, we will seriously deal with irregularities such as cheating in the college entrance examination, and will not tolerate it; effectively strengthen the post-employment system for the found irresponsible invigilators.

It is understood that cheating in the driving test is concentrated in the subject 1 theoretical knowledge test and the subject 3 safe and civilized driving general knowledge test. Due to insufficient preparation of cell phone jammer equipment, some candidates cheated by taking notes, flipping mobile phones, taking exams, forging documents, and hiding high-definition micro-camera equipment. Previously, the vehicle management test center specially set up 6 anti-cheating checkpoints, installed metal detection doors at the entrance and exit of the computer test room, opened the Block Callwaiting On Cell Phone, arranged for staff to carry out manual inspections with detection instruments, and carefully checked the candidates' file information before starting the test. During the examination, strict precautions were taken by means of video surveillance and inspection by invigilators, and good results were obtained. Since last year, a total of 79 cheating candidates have been found.