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Block A Cell Phone Using Imei Number

Stouffer Mark 2022/04/09

Students use mobile phones in a variety of ways and for different primary purposes, but almost all of them have nothing to do with learning. The way of learning is very bad. The influence of the cell phone occupies most of their time. They spend very little time studying and resting, which not only affects their studies, but is also detrimental to their bodies and growth. In addition, the school knows that the use of mobile phones by students will greatly affect the school's various ranking factors and school spirit construction, which will have a very negative impact on the school's development. Schools install Block A Cell Phone Using Imei Number for several reasons, but the main one is to block students' cell phone signals and prohibit students from using cell phones in school.

First of all, the school uses cell phone jammer for the academic consideration of the students. Students are the backbone of the country's future, and the development of the country is inseparable from generations of students. So, in student days, mobile phones cannot be destroyed by a generation of talents. The national key qualification examination adopts the signal jammer. Cell phone jammers are mainly selected according to the signal coverage and the structure of the building. The signal is too weak, the coverage is incomplete, and the signal is too strong, which interferes with the outdoor signal; arrange the antenna. Directional Yagi antenna is used outdoors, and the direction of the antenna can be as close as possible to the mobile company's transmitting base station to achieve the best reception effect. Omnidirectional antennas can be used indoors. Block A Cell Phone Using Imei Number The installation height is 2-3 meters. The area is related to the interior structure. Only one antenna is required for indoor barrier-free areas under 300 square meters, two antennas are required for the range of 300-500 square meters, and three antennas are required for the range of 500-800 square meters. return,