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Criminals use beacons to suppress GPS signals from trucks and tractors


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The Law Reform Bill notice has been approved to impose penalties for the manufacture, sale, purchase, installation, transportation or use of signal blockers commonly referred to as "signal jammers," which are used by criminals to suppress GPS signals from trucks and tractors.

The proposal, introduced by House Communications and Transportation Committee Chairman Victor Manuel Perez Diaz on August 14 of this year, is basically about adding section 168 ter to the federal criminal code in order to "punish anyone who manufactures, sells, obtains, installs, transports, uses, or operates equipment, These devices block, cancel or cancel penalties for mobile telephony, radio communications or transmission of data or images, punishable by 12 to 15 years' imprisonment, except in the following cases as established in Article 190 bis (2) of the Federal Telecommunications and Broadcasting Act ".

Similarly, it is considering incorporating section 190 bis into the Federal telecommunications and Broadcasting Act to prohibit the manufacture, marketing, acquisition, as well as the installation, transport, use and operation of equipment that is blocked, cancelled or operated. Cancel the phone signal. Cellular, radio communication or transmission of data or images.

The next step is ratification by the House and Senate, which is expected to be published in the official Federal Journal during the current legislative period.

The National Association of Vehicle Tracking and Protection Companies, ANERPV, stressed that the approval of the aforementioned legal reform bill "will benefit industry, society and economic activity." In fact, a large proportion of commercial vehicle thefts are carried out using signal blockers.

The National Chamber of Commerce of Cargo Carriers (Canacar) reported that it takes about two minutes for criminals to attach the "jamming" device to a truck's lighter and, once activated, saturate the entire spectrum of "unwanted information" through its multiple antennas at specific frequencies. Block any RF signal that can reach: GPS; All cellular channels in the 2G, 3G or 4G bands; Bluetooth; Wi-fi and low jack and prevent location transmission information from reaching the base station radio.

The use of jammers is on the rise

Although new technologies are helping companies better control their fleets and cargo, the use of jammers has spread across the country. Canacar data highlights the economic impact of road traffic theft at P92 billion, or 0.5 percent of gross domestic product (GDP).

In addition, data from the National Public Safety System shows that nationwide, the government has recorded more than 129,000 criminal incidents related to vehicle theft to date.

Currently, section 168 bis of the Federal Criminal Code imposes imprisonment of six months to two years and a fine of three to three thousand days on those who unlawfully decipher or decode telecommunication signals other than satellites, or convey the ownership, right to use or use of equipment, instruments or information to decode or decode telecommunication signals other than satellites carrying programs.