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Cell Phone Jammer For Classroom

Perfectjammer 2021/09/25

Two days ago, in the crowded Shenzhen Huaqiangbei communications sales market, a news reporter found out if a vendor had a "cell phone jammer," and the vendor nodded: "Yes, but it's expensive." The price was 1,000 yuan. The journalist asked Cell Phone Jammer For Classroom Is it possible to make the mobile phone no signal equipment. The vendor enthusiastically explained in detail that the mobile phone jammer can affect the data signal and make the surrounding data signal disappear. "And you can adjust the output power at will, and there is no signal within three kilometers. And it will damage the mobile phone. No." News reporters knew if there were a lot of people buying, and vendors had to be careful: "Naturally, they are bought by individuals and companies." Then some people urged the reporters boredly whether they wanted it or not. When the news reporter made it clear that he wanted to look at the mobile phone jammer, the vendor said, "I have the goods on the spot, and you need to buy it and I want to pick it up later. But you have to be clear about the buyer before I can buy the goods." It was written in another store. "Data signal jammer" stalls, vendors introduced in detail, many departments of conference halls, gas stations, etc. will buy this product, and some "buy a lot." When the news reporter found out whether the installation procedures need to go through what procedures, the vendor responded, "Naturally not, cell phone jammer You can find a wall foot and install it on its own. The actual operation is very simple. "The vendor took out a sample and told the news reporter, "This kind of products are all purchased immediately by the manufacturer, and there is no problem with quality assurance." "

Mobile phone jammer, also known as "mobile phone signal jammer", "mobile phone jammer", "main venue oil fume purifier" or "data signal intelligence Cell Phone Jammer For Classroom ", is a wireless communication transmission system that blocks mobile phone communication. News reporters realized that the most authoritative document for mobile phone jammers in my country is Document No. [2001] No. 439 awarded by the Wireless Administration of the Ministry of Information Industry of my country in 2001. The document describes it like this: "Recently, in social development, some companies have successively developed and manufactured wireless communication affecting machinery and equipment, and applied them in some units and enterprises... Such machinery and equipment have disrupted electromagnetic discipline and seriously infringed on the legitimate and legal aspects of mobile phone customers. Communication is arbitrary and must be dissuaded in accordance with regulations. According to the requirements of the wireless communication management method in China, it is not allowed to release wireless communication influences on relay stations (including mobile phones) set in accordance with regulations (except as otherwise expressly provided by laws, regulations, policies and regulations) )... Without going through the formalities required by law, R&D, manufacturing, and the application of wireless communications to affect machinery and equipment are all illegal activities." "All wireless communications supervision agencies...For wireless communications affecting machinery and equipment, they must start from the root causes of R&D and manufacturing. …Customers who use wireless communication without permission to affect machinery and equipment shall be punished in accordance with the private establishment of a station that affects the wireless communication business process."