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Cell Phone Disruptor Jammer

Lullo Robert 2021-7-02

Some areas that require strict control, such as military powerhouses, prisons, detention centers, etc., have a very high degree of confidentiality, and mobile phones should be strictly controlled. In areas such as military powerhouses, prisons, detention centers, etc., shielding cell phone signals can greatly prevent the possibility of leaks. In addition to the above-mentioned three categories Cell Phone Disruptor Jammer applicable occasions, other areas such as gas stations, oil depots, hospitals and other areas where telephone calls are prohibited, the installation of mobile phone signal jammers is also ideal. Fairness and fairness are the fundamental principles of society, and there are many examinations in life, from small to junior high school entrance examinations, to college entrance examinations, civil service recruitment examinations and other state-level examinations. In order to prevent candidates from cheating, in various large and medium-sized examinations, it is necessary to use mobile phone jammers and other technical means to shield the signals in the examination room to meet the needs of mobile phones unable to communicate and access the Internet. This is also very good. Precautions against the candidates’ concealment practices. cell phone jammer

During use, in order to avoid possible interference with some electronic devices, try to keep the distance between 1 and 2 meters above the following common devices: stereos, wireless microphones, radios, computers, TVs, Wi-Fi routers, etc. Exam room use Cell Phone Disruptor Jammer In different use sites, the effective shielding range will be different. This is closely related to the field strength of the signal on site. The shielding range of mobile phones of different standards in the same site is not necessarily the same; the factors that affect the shielding range include but are not limited to: the distance from the base station, the orientation, the presence of obstacles, the wall material of the site building, and the signal jammer Installation height, installation specifications, etc.; each antenna has a frequency band identification, which must correspond to the frequency band identification on the host one-to-one. Before turning on the mobile phone jammer, ensure that each antenna is connected reliably. It is never allowed to turn on the device without connecting the antenna;