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Blocking Anonymous Calls On Cell Phones Affects Signal Blocking

Phaneuf Alex 2022/05/27

The mobile phone signal blocker in the examination room will not affect the shielding of the mobile phone signal due to the change of time or location. There is no impact here. No matter where it is placed, it can be used to block the main circle for hundreds of meters. Cell phone signal shielding. Is there a base station near the school? In the process of construction, we often find that customers tell us that the signal jammer is ineffective. 2G and 3G can be shielded, which means that the call signal can be shielded, but the 4G signal cannot be shielded. In fact, the power of each Blocking Anonymous Calls On Cell Phones is different, generally 4G1 and 4G2, the power is about 2W, that is to say 33db. If there is a base station within 100 meters of the nearby, such a machine will also block the 4G signal. It will also appear, customer feedback, no effect.

At present, major operators have stopped operating 2G signals, and it is believed that 3G signals will disappear soon. The speed of development is so fast, but many people still do not realize it. Schools have to keep pace with the times in this regard. The Blocking Anonymous Calls On Cell Phones of five channels can no longer keep up with the times. Although eight channels can currently block the mainstream signal channels, as the times advance, it is necessary to keep up with the changes in technology. At present, many companies have not developed test rooms that block 5G signals cell phone jammer . In our company's latest products, the 5G signal channel is included, so even if the full range of 5G signals is promoted in the future. These test room mobile phone signal jammers will not be eliminated. It is a lot of money to install a mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room. If it is eliminated just after installation, it will cost more money.