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Block Calls Verizon Wireless Cell Phone

Neufeld Rudolf 2022-01-12

On June 7, the day when the college entrance examination started in 2021, the incident of "a college student using his mobile phone to search for the real questions of the college entrance examination, but was reported by the staff instead of finding the results" attracted the attention of many netizens. Subsequently, the Hubei Examination and Education Institute confirmed the fact that the candidate Wu Moumou illegally brought a mobile phone into the examination room to take the test paper, and made a decision to disqualify the illegal candidate for the examination, and the results of each stage and each subject he signed up for the examination were invalid. For now, the college entrance examination is still the fairest talent selection system in my country. For the majority of students, it is still the first big test in their lives, and it is the most important step. It can be said that the fairness of the college entrance examination is the most important part of education fairness, and it is also the most important key to social fairness, which is related to the vital interests of thousands of families. As we all know, in order to ensure this "fairness", the various security checks before the college entrance examination and the disciplinary requirements during the examination are very strict and meticulous. As a result, the majority of netizens have raised a lot of doubts about this incident. First of all, how are mobile phones brought into the exam room? Before entering the examination room, each candidate must undergo a double inspection by Block Calls Verizon Wireless Cell Phone and security inspectors as required. Detailed security inspection is required from top to bottom, from front to back, and even details such as belt buckles and the inside of shoes and socks. Some students even couldn't get into the exam room because of the zipper and braces. How did a mobile phone that was not considered "small" managed to "pass through"? Second, why didn't the signal jammer work? Since entering the high school entrance examination period, many people have received SMS notifications from operators, and wireless cell phone jammer will be turned on during the test until the end of the test.

It stands to reason that once you enter the signal shielding area, no matter the mobile phone or other Block Calls Verizon Wireless Cell Phone devices, there will be no signal and no service. Then, in this case, the candidate Wu Moumou uploads the content of the test paper to the Internet? Furthermore, why was the public photo taken in the examination room not found? During the examination, each examination room has at least two invigilators, and each examination room also arranges inspectors. These professionals who have undergone strict training are mainly responsible for maintaining the order of the examination room. In addition, there are many camera equipment in the examination room, so how did Wu Moumou take the examination paper and upload it to the Internet in such a 360-degree invigilation situation with no dead ends? Finally, is the cheating a personal act or a gang crime? From security check to invigilation, every step is interlocked and monitored layer by layer, but in this case it has become out of control and layer by layer, which makes people question whether the cheating in the college entrance examination is a gang crime. . Cheating in the college entrance examination is not only self-destructive, but more importantly, it jeopardizes the credibility of the government and stimulates the public's sensitivity to fairness. In dealing with this matter, what the public wants is not only a result, but more importantly, to make it clear where the problem occurred.