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Gabor Yanik 2021-12-26

3G is not only very popular among smartphone users. That generation is often used for hidden video surveillance, because the data transmission speed allows real-time streaming of video, and low power consumption will ensure that hidden wireless cameras work longer. This is the main reason for the increasing popularity of 3G Best Free Spam Blocker For Cell Phone . When connected to a 3G network, an Android-based smartphone will display an H with a 3G icon in the status bar. The reason is that Android devices can distinguish a normal 3G network from its more advanced superstructure. When the data transmission speed on the network is 2-15 Mbit/s, the letter H will appear in the status bar. I should also mention that 3.5G is really the brand of all 3G superstructures. Many people have been asking this question to our support team and it is very important to know how to answer this question correctly. As a principle, we should mention the most important thing here, we will actually start, is that people need to make sure that the cell phone jammer device they choose meets their requirements. cell phone jammer

Another interesting fact is that the LTE standard related to fourth-generation mobile communications is actually closer to 3G. LTE did not meet ITC's expectations, which is why it is still 3G, but much more advanced. They even use different frequencies, while 3G uses 2000-2100 MHz and LTE uses 875 MHz, although these frequencies may vary by country and company. The LTE standard is not only used for mobile Internet access, but also for hidden video surveillance. Those hidden cameras are still very expensive and rare, but they are the most reliable form of hidden video surveillance. This is why we went to great lengths to create an LTE Best Free Spam Blocker For Cell Phone device compatible with all standards and previous generation mobile phones. For example, if you want to block your neighbor’s signal, but he lives 20-30 meters away from you, then you should buy a cell phone jammer that is beyond this working range. In fact, the larger the working range, the better. The reason is that, in most cases, the scope of work has nothing in common with the scope of work mentioned by the manufacturer. To be honest, we must tell you that the scope of work is not constant and can vary according to physical obstacles, weather and environment. This means that the most important thing to consider is not only battery life (if you are going to use a portable device), but also the working range.