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In which areas are GPS jammers active? What are their main functions?

I bought a GPS jammer some time ago, but I don't know its detailed functions. Can you give me some advice?


The development of GPS satellite system has brought many inconvenience, such as privacy leakage, and brought great convenience to users.You can use your smartphone normallySmall size, light weight, wide shielding range and convenient carrying.The car jammer can be used for a long time.You can protect the privacy and confidentiality of your whereabouts.Shield GPS satellite signals.
To solve this problem, we have adopted advanced technology to develop high-tech products such as GPS obstacles.Jamming GPS signal.The product is active in many places.You can use this product to protect your whereabouts.Don't worry about being tracked.The GPS jammers function can prevent the GPS satellite positioning system of cars and mobile phones from positioning.