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UAV exhibition was damaged due to jamming navigation signal

Perfectjammer 2022/11/19

  Shanghai, in fact, is the majority of China's coastline.Users only need to plug it into the lighter or car charger port (does the car still have a lighter socket?) And make sure the device is close to the GPS tracker so that it can jam the signal.They are easy to buy online.In view of this history and the success of this year's exhibition, many people speculate that the Chinese government must have consciously decided to avoid interfering with the celebration.

UAV exhibition was damaged due to jamming navigation signal

  In addition, in the future, we may not see many reports about the interruption of China's UAV performance due to navigation system failure.It is possible to interfere with GPS without affecting Beidou.Previous UAV shows in China were damaged by jamming navigation signals.Many people who use them may think they are legal without bothering to investigate the surrounding laws.

  These devices are usually small and most are easy to install.In the past year, there have been repeated GPS jamming and deception patterns.The 2020 New Year celebration in Shanghai is particularly spectacular, including a performance with 2000 drones.Although most GPS jammers users are unlikely to use them to hide illegal activities, the reason for illegally buying, selling or using these devices is for public safety reasons.

  It takes less than half a minute to open them, which makes them attractive to criminals and employees because you can simply insert them when needed and remove them the rest of the time.The glowing drones formed various images, including colorful shapes, a person running in the sky, and the number counting down to midnight.However, this would be a more risky option, as both systems operate on nearby frequencies and some "overflow" interference may occur.It is likely that the need for unimpeded navigation was considered before the recent Shanghai Unmanned Aircraft Exhibition.

  This method ensures that users can obtain the key position and time information they need, regardless of the interference from satellite signals.China recently announced that it will pay more attention to ensuring that PNT information is provided to its people from multiple sources in a "comprehensive" framework.Others believe that the GPS jammer may still be in progress, but the UAV is using China's Beidou satellite navigation system.From paranoid conspiracy maniacs to women who are afraid of being tracked by employees but do not want to be tracked by their bosses, the use of devices called GPS jammers is increasing.