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Ace Worker Has Me Blocked On Cell Phone The Anti-Interference Effect Is Not Good

Conemac Chris 2022/06/01

Nowadays, the mobile phone is the data signal, and the data signal has a strong anti-interference ability. Generally, the technical interference of the data signal with the simulated analog signal has a weak actual effect. Therefore, it is necessary to use the data signal to interfere with the data signal. The data interference signal with the same output power is the same as the simulated simulation interference. The actual effect of signal interference on mobile phones is very different. The output power of mobile phone jammers that use data interference signal technology is lower, and the efficiency is higher than that of simulated analog signal interference technology. The analysis of the generation, attenuation coefficient, and reflection surface of mobile phone signals and interference signals in the room is more complicated. Ace Worker Has Me Blocked On Cell Phone Before shielding, the compressive strength and quality of mobile phone signals in the local indoor space are very harmful to shielding, and the actual effects of different mobile phones are different. Generally, mobile phones with strong ability to accept weak signals may not have good anti-interference results. .

Over the years, news about the college entrance examination has attracted everyone's attention. Almost every year in the college entrance examination, candidates use high-tech products to cheat. In fact, it is easy to find these cheating behaviors. The root cause is usually that some students want to get a fraudulent certificate High grades, and they are also victims of being deceived by some so-called "black technology" products, and then use such electronic communication products to cheat during the exam, which has a great impact on the examination room, and the invigilator of the examination room also A lot of wrong measures, such as installing Ace Worker Has Me Blocked On Cell Phone in the test room to shield the signals of these high-tech electronic products, this method can well prevent candidates from cheating by using electronic products. So what is the working principle of cell phone jammer , and now it will be explained by the mobile phone signal jammer manufacturer.