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Vibes Up Cell Phone Emf Blocker

Perfectjammer 2022-02-19

Vibes Up Cell Phone Emf Blocker

Car gas stations are places for storing and operating flammable and explosive oil products. They are widely distributed in urban and rural areas. It is a very important job to do a good job in fire safety management of car gas stations. In addition to the commonality of general fires, gas station fires also have the particularity of easy incineration of oil products and easy explosion of oil and gas mixtures. Operational accidents Operational accidents mainly occur in the four links of unloading, measuring oil, refueling, and cleaning the tank. These four links all expose the oil to the air. If the operating procedures are violated during the operation, the oil or oil vapor will be in the air. Contact with the fire source in the air will lead to the occurrence of blasting and burning incidents. Fire is prone to occur during oil unloading. 60%-70% of fire incidents at gas stations occur during oil unloading operations. Common incidents are: oil tank overflow. When the oil is unloaded, it is easy to cause the oil to escape if the liquid level monitoring is not timely. After the oil spills out of the tank, the concentration of oil vapor in the surrounding air rises rapidly and reaches or exceeds the blasting limit. Oil dripping. Due to the rupture of the oil unloading hose, the damage of the gasket, the looseness of the quick joint fastening bolt, etc., the oil drips to the ground and burns immediately in case of sparks. Static fire. Because the oil pipe has no static grounding, the use of splash-type oil unloading, and the non-static grounding of the oil tanker in unloading, the electrostatic accumulation and discharge are formed, and the fuel vapor is ignited. Open flames during oil discharge. In the process of unsealed oil discharge, a lot of oil vapor overflows from the oil discharge port. When there are fireworks and sparks around, blasting and burning will occur. Vibes Up Cell Phone Emf Blocker It can effectively prevent the mobile phone from sparking some dust and eventually cause a fire event.

Gas station fire safety management Gas station fire safety management must adhere to the policy of "hardware and software, combining air defense and technical defense, and not relaxing the key points and details", to catch the rules and characteristics of the occurrence and development of gas station fires, there are Targeted fire fighting operations. Eliminate the basic conditions and triggering conditions for fire and explosion accidents at gas stations, and effectively do a good job in firefighting. Fire compensation in gas stations Fire compensation in gas stations should be mainly based on self-rescue of employees in the station. To formulate a fire-fighting plan and carry out fire-fighting drills, a fire-fighting plan should be drawn up in light of the actual situation of the station, and personnel should be assigned responsibilities, and fire-fighting drills should be carried out frequently. It is necessary to supervise the whole process of the operation of the gas station, and not to leave the post. The fire repair of the gas station should be early, fast and close, that is, the fire is found early and the situation is identified early. After the fire breaks out, it is necessary to analyze and judge the burning location, the cause of the fire, and the scope of the threat in time, and determine the disposal content and remedy in a timely manner. Grab fire-fighting equipment to be fast, the action must be agile. The operating distance should be close, and the fire extinguisher should be close to the eruption to maximize its effect. In the Vibes Up Cell Phone Emf Blocker industry, our company has more than 10 years of history in research and development, production, sales and engineering installation of jammers. As a professional mobile phone signal detection and mobile phone signal shielding supplier, over the years, perfectjammer has provided many domestic prisons, military police forces, schools. , government secret places, etc. to design and formulate mobile phone signal jammer system solutions, provide high-quality and qualified cell phone jammer products, and perfectly meet customers' mobile phone signal shielding needs.

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