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Cell Phone Blocker Insurance

Perfectjammer 2022-02-18

Cell Phone Blocker Insurance

When many companies buy Cell Phone Blocker Insurance , they must have heard of cell phone jammers with built-in antennas and cell phone jammers with external antennas. The external antenna looks like a router, but its size is larger than that of a router. As for the built-in antenna, it looks a bit like a TV box. There isn't much difference in size between the two. However, the two are still slightly different. What is the difference between the built-in antenna and the external antenna in the test room cell phone jammer ? There are many mobile phone signal jammer antennas in the test room with external antennas. The more common ones are four-wire and eight-wire, but some manufacturers also produce nine-wire ones. . The nine-wire external signal shielding antenna is relatively rare. At present, Beijing Shenzhou Mingda produces this nine-wire external antenna mobile phone signal jammer.

As for the built-in antennas, they are generally eight-wire, and the signal strength is not very different. However, the biggest advantage of the built-in antenna Cell Phone Blocker Insurance is that no additional wiring is required. It is more convenient to install, just plug it in and you can use it. And external antenna cell phone jammers need to connect them in the right way. Moreover, the outer casing of the external antenna signal jammer is mostly made of metal, so its heat dissipation capacity is not so good. The whole machine gets very hot. Whether the test room should use a mobile phone signal jammer with a built-in antenna or an external antenna signal jammer mainly depends on the environment and the weather. If it is in a place where the weather is relatively hot, it is recommended to use the built-in mobile phone signal jammer in the test room. In addition, when installing the signal jammer, try to install it in a place where the air is relatively ventilated. Do not install in a dark and stuffy place.

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