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Blocking Ads On Cell Phones

Perfectjammer 2022-02-18

Blocking Ads On Cell Phones

Yesterday morning, the reporter personally tested the effect of Blocking Ads On Cell Phones . After the power is turned on, the indicator lights up. In less than a minute, the reporter's cell phone had no signal. Even at the other end of the classroom, there was still no signal. No matter how you dial, the phone can't get through. The effect is quite good. This year's college entrance examination, Wuhan has a total of 63 test centers and 2,210 test centers. These test centers will all be equipped with cell phone jammer . Each test center will also have a test taker lounge, test delivery classroom rest area and proctor rest area. In addition, Wuhan City continued to use metal detectors to conduct security checks on candidates this year. Metal detectors have two alarm modes: sound and vibration. The sound alarm method is used before the test starts, and the vibration alarm method is used after the test starts.

The generation of mobile phone signals has indeed shortened the distance between people and brought great convenience to everyone's daily life. However, with the proliferation of mobile phone signals, everyone has reached a situation where they cannot leave each other. It has caused very serious drawbacks in many places. Therefore, Chengdu Blocking Ads On Cell Phones is also close behind. In many places in daily life, such as exams, reporting to work, etc., the application of mobile phone signals is very unsuitable. At this time, in addition to using mobile phones to conduct diplomacy in advance, you can also use mobile phone signal jammers to clear information within the scope of specific occasions. Data signal and Wi-Fi signal are blocked,

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